- heard some noise and saw strange creatures whom she had never seen before. They looked almost like her and her friends, but had no wings.
The creatures were laughing loudly while they were chasing one another "I think I like them", thought the fairy as she rushed back into the forest to share with her friends what she had seen in the meadow. And even though fairies generally don't like to be seen by people, they felt that they would be less threatened by children because of their small size and the way they behave and play their games.

And so they decided that if now and then they invited children to come and join them in their fairyland, it could bring a different kind of magic into their own dreamlike world.

Since that time our fairies and other magical creatures invite children to celebrate their birthdays in our enchanted forest or to just come in and play with them on any other day when you feel like bringing some magic into your life.